We’re happy you’re here, and looking forward to welcoming you to the community.

Maybe you’re someone who is passionate about social justice, but frustrated by the dogmatic ways we’re obstructing our own path.

Or perhaps you’re feeling like you’re the only one who doesn’t believe shame, fear, or attack are the best tools to advance social justice causes.

You might be terrified to say the wrong thing, unsure of what your role might be within the movement, and worrisome that a misstep will result in you being castigated or cast aside.

You’re among friends.

What I’m hoping to provide

Here are some things I hope that every heretic will be able to find here:

  • 👯Community in every sense of the word
  • 🤔Discussions about the podcast episodes, and tenets of social justice dogma
  • 🎤Opportunities to interact with the host, crew, and guests
  • 👨🏿‍🎓A place to make mistakes, learn, and grow
  • 👥Moderation, protection of individual identities
  • 📣Resources to bring social justice to your people, your community, your world to bring social justice to your people, your community, your world

Two ways to sign up: here and on Patreon

You can either sign up on HereticPodcast.com (the official site) or Patreon.com/HereticPodcast (a third party site). Read below to suss out which might be right for you.

But if you’re asking me: I’d love it if you joined us on this site.

While Patreon is wonderful (it really is), there’s always the risk with a third-party service that it will shut down, shut you down, turn into something you don’t want, or invest in/support things you don’t want to fund.

I’d like to join here I’d like to join on Patreon

Community FAQs

You have questions? I have answers.

Why two options?

The main reason I’m providing the two routes is simple:

I know that a lot of folks won’t be familiar with (or interested in) Patreon, while a lot of others will prefer supporting a new creator on their existing Patreon instead of signing up for a new thing.

What’s the difference?

Everything that happens on Patreon will also be hosted here. However, because I’m building this platform from the ground up, I’ll have the ability to do some things that we cannot do on Patreon.

Folks who sign up on this site will be able to:

  • ⌨️Comment directly on individual episodes (comments are members only!)
  • 🔏Browse other members-only content directly on the site
  • 👩🏽‍💻Submit articles to be considered for publication on the blog
  • 💸Gift-what-you-want for membership, from $0+

But both options have the same perks.

Every Patreon supporter will be granted a membership on this site. So, if you choose to use it, you will have access to every membership perk here.